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NEW! TaalMala DG108 Electronic Tabla

NEW! TaalMala DG108 Electronic Tabla

NEW! TaalMala DG108 Electronic Tabla

The Taalmala digi 108 digital tabla is the newest in the range of Radel Taalmala tabla instruments. It has many improvements over the Taalmala digi-100 plus:
An even more stunning realistic sound
Convenient front-mounted attractive LCD display for ease of use
Eight new thekas (# 100 – 107) plus several modifications to earlier thekas, most importantly the 48-matra ek-taal (#11) and a new Bhajan theka(#90)
Power-saving and longer use on battery.

Improved MIDI interface

The Taalmala Digi-108 produces an amazingly realistic sound of the traditional tabla by utilizing the latest state-of-the-art sampler technology. It is a sophisticated instrument which not only plays 108 pre-set tabla thekas, but is capable of simulating a 'live accompaniment' effect, so that it can be even used in concerts. It has a variety of attractive Fill-ins, Laggis, and Tihayis. MIDI IN and MIDI OUT facility has been provided, making the Taalmala Digi-108 the only Indian musical instrument that can be connected via MIDI to a keyboard synthesizer or computer.

The Special Features of the Digi-108 are:
Live accompaniment mode
Manjeera Sound
Amazing realistic Tabla Sound using the latest hi-tech sampler technique
Digital display on an attractive blue front-mounted LCD screen
One octave pitch range with fine tuning in between standard settings
4 settings of dagga depth
Saving of user settings of pitch etc
Intelligently played Long and Short Fill-ins
Sync with Radel Sunadamala lehra
Connect through MIDI to keyboard Synthesizer (MIDI IN and MIDI OUT provided)
Editing of Taals by user
User can create 5 new thekas of 99 matras each

The Taalmala digi-108 is housed in a sleek, lightweight ABS cabinet of size : 230 x135 x 90 mm, weight approx.1kg.
It can be connected to an external amplifier for which a standard 1/8" socket is provided.
The standard Radel features provided are:
Automatic operation on any voltage from 90-260V or six (‘C’ size 1.5V) internal dry batteries.
3 year warranty.

Sunadamala Lehera ZX

The Sunadamala Zx is an advanced digital lehra that is a boon to all tabla artists and students as well as for Kathak dancers.
The new Sunadamala Zx has the following unbeatable features:
200 tunes in 20 talas plus 4 tunes of 100 matras each, that can be composed and stored in memory.
Easy harmonium-type interface for composing tunes
8 voice choices, including realistic true Harmonium tones of single-, double- and triple-reed harmonium
LCD display to indicate the tune, raga and tala selected, as also the pitch, tempo and matra display
Metronome facility with multiple laya choice: Dugun, Trigun, Chaugun and Khand
Digital volume controls with independent volume controls for tune, drone and metronome
More than 1 octave pitch selection
Practise time indicator
ASDM - Autosave of current settings plus an extra set of settings can be saved in memory
Universal voltage (90 - 260V AC) plus battery operation (6 AA size cells)
Line-out, Speaker-out and Sync-Out (to connect to Taalmala) are provided
Size: 230 x 135 x 90 mm, Weight: 1 kg





Saarang Ranjani+5 is a Hi-fidelity natural tanpura with the superior tonal quality achieved with the latest cutting-edge technology. The NEW Saarang Ranjani +5 digital tanpura is a 5 string digital tanpura with crystal clear sound, 2 speakers for enhanced bass-treble effect, easy touch buttons for operation, and of course the elegant and reliable Radel engineering design.

Backed by the trustworthy Radel service, the Ranjani +5 is a hit with users. 
Other features are:
PA / MA / NI selection with indication, Pluck styles choice (North / South Indian)

5th string option with tuning facility and positioning of 5th string either before or after pancham
Distinct bass-treble control
Pitch range of 1 and a half octave
Auto save of selected pitch
One more pitch selection can be saved in memory
The Ranjani+5 is housed in a Lightweight,
 Elegant, safe ABS cabinet, size : 230 x135 x 90 mm, weight approx.1kg.
The Ranjani+5 has all these plus the standard Radel features:
SMPS facility to use anywhere in the world, no voltage selector needed
Auto-switchover to battery on power failure

*3 year warranty

Sunadamala Lehera Plus Electronic - For Tabla practice

The Sunadamala lehera instrument is the original electronic musical instrument designed to enable tabla artistes and students to practise independently without the help of another musician (to provide rhythmic tune accompaniment). Launched by Pt Ravi Shankar in 1993. Also useful for Kathak dancers. The ''Sunadamala'' is capable of producing 200 preset tunes, set to 20 taals in different commonly used ragas. A tune, once selected, repeats itself endlessly until stopped. 4 choices of tone, 2 user-programmable tunes.
All standard Radel features: universal voltage (90"260VAC without voltage selection), automatic switch-over to batteries on power outage, lightweight, sleek cabinet, superb design and engineering, musical insight into Indian musicians" needs, 3 year warranty plus the renowned Radel after-sales service.





Saarang Maestro Dx is the best-selling twin digital tambura (tanpura), with superb natural tanpura sound, using cutting-edge sampler technology. It has stereo output, and can be used as single or dual tanpura, 4 or 5 string, with automatic tuning of 4 notes and manual tuning of 5th note, Pluck styles choice (North / South Indian). It is housed in a sleek and lightweight ABS plastic cabinet, size : 230 x135 x 90 mm, weight approx.1kg. The Saarang Maestro Dx is preferred by professionals for concert applications.
The Saarang Maestro Dx also has the standard Radel features:
»ASDM - Auto-save dual memory. Automatically saves selected settings and allows one more choice of settings to be saved.
»Use on any voltage from 90 to 260 V AC / batteries without changing voltage selector switch.
»3 year warranty plus the renowned Radel after sales service.

Saarang Magic Plus Electronic Tanpura
The NEW Saarang Magic Plus is the smallest of the tanpura range. Palm-sized: 115 x 130 x 80 mm, with a weight of approximately 0.5kg it is light and handy. It has Natural Tanpura sound, using the latest sampler technology and produces a clear sound with amazing volume without distortion even at high volume.   Pluck styles choice (North / South Indian. Built-in battery facility with automatic switch-over to batteries ( 6 cells, AA type) in case of power failure, is provided. The Saarang Magic Plus is ideally suited for musicians who travel often and for users abroad. Ideal also for yoga and chanting groups and for meditation groups. It has Automatic tuning of 4 notes. The well-engineered ABS plastic cabinet  ensures safety during operation. There is an LED indication for PA / MA/ NI selection.
The Saarang Magic Plus also has the standard Radel features:


  • ASDM - Auto-save dual memory automatically saves selected settings and allows one more choice of settings to be saved. Ideal for home, performances as well as travel.

  • 3 year warranty



Radel Saarang Miraj Plus - digital tanpura sounds so close to a traditional tanpura, that professional Indian classical musicians and teachers have overwhelmingly pronounced it to be the ultimate digital tanpura. The Miraj Plus digital tanpura can be used as a 4 / 5 / 6-string tanpura. It has a range of more than an octave. Standard pitch settings, with ultra fine-tuning to intermediate levels is provided. Other features are: Tempo control to vary the speed of plucking Tone control to vary the bass-treble balance Pluck control to vary the softness or firmness of pluck Sustain control for varying the sustenance of strings Pancham/ madhyam/ nishad/ only shadj selection Nishad fine-tuning Option of using 4/5/6 strings Positioning of 5th and 6th strings befor or after pancham Fine-tuning of 5th and 6th string Auto-save plus 10 individual settings of pitch, tempo, pluck and sustain can be stored and recalled. A convenient LCD panel displays all selections A stylish silver-tone cabinet All standard Radel features : auto-save, automatic switch-over to batteries if mains power fails, lightweight, safe and strong ABS plastic cabinet The legendary Radel quality, backed by a 3-year warranty and the reliable Radel service makes this product truly the Ultimate digital tanpura.

Swaravali Digital Music Trainer

Swaraavali, a 3-in-1 instrument, is Radel's unique to the music community, especially for teachers. This unique teaching aid plays by itself all the beginner's exercises in music: Sarali varise, Janti varise and all the alankarams prescribed for a beginner. These can be  played at any pitch of the user's choice, at any tempo. These exercises can also be played at three speeds. 4 choices of tones are provided. Facility to change the raga is provided. Memory facility is provided. A built-in basic version of the Talometer and sruti box are also provided. It can be used on any voltage from 90 to 260 V AC without changing a selector switch / on batteries. The instrument can be used either as a swara-exercise trainer or as a sruti box or  as a talometer. Thus the student has a guide to the lesson learnt, so that it can be practised perfectly. This product is a boon for the guru. The teacher need not strain his / her voice by singing at various pitch settings. The parent who is not fully familiar with the intricacies of classical music also has a handy reference in this exciting new product.
This product has the standard Radel features:

  • Universal voltage (use on any voltage between 90 and 260 V AC without changing a voltage selector switch)

  • Automatic switch-over to battery on power failure

  • 3 year warranty





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