Stops: Harmonium

Counting and adjustments of Stops in Regular Format:

9 Stop Harmonium

Main Playing stops (Big): 1st- Male/ 2nd - Bass/ 3rd- Bass/ 4th - Tremolo/ 5th - Male

Drones (Small): 1st - C#/ 2nd - D#/ 3rd - G#/ 4th - Bb


7 Stop Harmonium

Same as above but 2 extra drones


5 Stop Harmonium

Same as Main Playing Stops in 9 stop Harmonium


9 Stops in a Scale Changer

5 Extra Drones

4 Main playing stops

Bass-Male-Female and Tremolo


*These are the specifications of Harmoniums made by DMS only.

These may be similar or vary from other Suppliers.

The settings of the Stops can be made according to the customer requirements also.