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Packing for FedEx/Air Shipments

Packing for FedEx/UPS Shipments



Crate for Sea Shipments

Crating for Sea Shipments


  • We use UPS-DHL-TNT for doorstep deliveries around the World for Instruments. None of the companies provide insurance on Musical Instruments.

  • Even though we use the best material for packing, however we still do not guarantee a 100% safe delivery of an instrument due to mishandling.

  • Any claims if applicable are to be directly settled with the couriers.

  • We do not offer any return policies on our instruments shipped from India.

  • Please check with your country customs for any import duties or taxes for any shipments. These are not included in any payments we receive or quote.

  • Delivery most often costs more economical for single order shipments by FedEx or UPS than to send By Air Cargo or even sometimes By Sea.

  • Delivery is done in 4 to 6 business days from the date of dispatch in Courier Mode. This is a time frame confirmed by the carriers if there are no customs requirements at the receiving end.

  • For Larger Quantities, Only Sea Shipments are feasible. However the transit duration by Sea can be quite long as upto 45 to 50 days depending on the destination. For some, it could even take 60 days.

  • Customers can also purchase our instruments from our Dealers in USA and CANADA. Email us for more information for contacts.

  • We do not provide any guarantees on Electronic Instruments exported from India.

  • Taxes and Duties on instruments in the receivers country are not added in the freight charged (if paid in advance) before shipping by Air or Sea. Therefore customers are requested to kindly check at their end for any charges before ordering. We are not responsible for any such charges applicable on receiving the instruments at customer end.

  • Very Important - Harmoniums have reeds that can be affected with climate change for tuning. We check all the Harmoniums very closely before dispatch for tuning and all the other aspects. If however after delivery, some reeds are found to be slightly untuned, we will only be able to offer tuning instructions. We do not take any responsibility of Harmoniums getting untuned in shipping or climate change conditions.

Orders are packed using strong wooden crates for sea packing and plywood crates for air packing.

Instruments made with Pumpkin gourds such as Sitar, Tanpura, Rudra Veena and others are not guaranteed for any kind of damages in transit. (Even though the packing of the instruments is carefully done, DMS does not take any responsibility for any damages on the Gourds or otherwise.

Instruments made of Clay such as Khol, Ghatam or Clay Bayan are not provided with any sort of guarantees on damages as these are fragile instruments and are therefore provided on customer request only..

DMS does not take any responsibility for damages of any sort to any instruments while in transit (By Air/Sea/Couriers).

On Shipping, only insurance can be claimed if this is requested by the customer before the shipment is dispatched. Insurance charges as applicable.

We do not provide any credit facilities.  


Please note that custom ordered Harmoniums, Sitars or any other instruments can take between 45 to 90 days to complete. Even though we provide the time frame during order being placed, however if the manufacturing is delayed due to unavoidable circumstances, DMS will not be responsible for the delay.

Payments made cannot be refunded. These can be adjusted towards alternate purchase of instruments. Freight amounts are not refundable once the instruments are shipped under any circumstances.

Instruments once sold are not returnable/exchangeable.










How to make payments for the orders:

We accept the following methods of payments.


1.Bank Wire. (Telegraphic Transfer)

Account information provided after the order is finalised.


2.Cashiers Cheque: In this case, the parcel will only be dispatched after the cheque is cleared.


We do not accept Western Union/Money Gram or any other personal modes for payments.


Credit Cards are not accepted online. This facility is only available at our store premises.

We accept Master Card and Visa credit cards at our store in Delhi.


To complete the order, please email us with complete information and order confirmation. Once we are in receipt of this, we shall in return send the proforma invoice or total by email with our bank information.


In case of a Cheque, this is to be made on the name of 'DELHI MUSICAL STORES' and posted to:



428/2, Hospital Road, Jangpura,

New Delhi-110014. INDIA

Store phone - 011-41574282

Mobile - 78381-50159


(Please use a reliable courier (For eg: FedEx/UPS/DHL etc.) or Registered Post only to send the cheque to us.


*Please note that no orders are processed or booked without the advance payment received.


For any further information, please write to us using our Enquiry form.