Paul & Co Professional Concert Scale Changer Harmoniums


Now available only at DMS in Delhi !



Portable Models available at the only Store in Delhi...


Currently All models are sold out.


Pls note: Paul & Co does not supply their Harmoniums to any other store in Delhi, therefore

any available in Delhi apart from DMS could be fake. To make sure that you buy a genuine Paul & Co,

please call us or visit us to see a genuine model at our store for comparisons or purchase.


(The above is stated as there are stores in Delhi that are

selling fake Paul & Co Harmoniums due to which customers are being cheated.)


NEW Models available now in 9, 11, 13 Scales.


3 and 4 Sets of reeds models...only at DMS


*Every Paul & Co Harmonium shipped out of/ sold at DMS is a 100% Genuine product.



*Please note - There is a possibility of blemishes on polish on Paul Harmoniums as

the material they use is different than what we use in Delhi and while

shipping from their workshop to our store, there are chances of this happening.

If we re-finish these at our workshop, the polish becomes even worse therefore

we ship the harmoniums as they were received from the manufacturer

after completely tweaking the piece with tuning and airfitting.




Concert Quality Harmonium used by leading Indian Musicians in India and across the World

ORIGINAL Harmoniums now available at DMS - Direct from the maker

Harmoniums specially made for DMS by the World renowned maker

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Available at unbeatable prices!

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Mr.B.K.Paul at DMS with Inni Singh in Delhi while delivering the Harmoniums personally for DMS.

Mr.B.K.Paul at DMS with Inni Singh in Delhi while delivering the Harmoniums personally for DMS.


Paul & Co Genuine Authentication Certificate - confirming DMS (Delhi Musical Stores) as authorised dealer of genuine Paul & Co Harmoniums in Delhi

Paul & Co Professional Harmoniums - Now available at DMS

Directly from the maker - Only store in Delhi selling Original Paul & Co Harmoniums



MR.BK Paul with his exclusively built 13/4 Professional Scale Changer at DMS

This model has been exclusively built for DMS by the master maker with special setup of

reeds and reedboard. The Harmonium has an amazing sound and very good sustain.




Paul & Co Professional Harmoniums - Now available at DMS

PAUL & C0 - 9/3 Professional Scale Changer Harmonium

Specifications: Paul -9/3 -  9 Scales - 3 sets of Professional Quality Palitana Reeds

Auto - push mechanism - 11 Stops - 7 drones - Collapsible Model

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Currently available on booked orders with delivery in April/May 2015.


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