Keys Colour: Harmonium

Nylon White (Transparent):   Plain Shell White Colour without any design on it. Sometimes reflects

                                            the colour of the wood underneath.

Ivory Celluloid:                     Plain Ivory Colour (Off White). This is Subject to availability. We shall confirm this

                                            on the time of order.

Acrylic Pure White:               Pure White Colour Acrylic Material used for the keys. More Like Electronic Keyboards.

Nylon Seashell:                     Sea Shell Effect Nylon Sheet used on most of the Harmoniums these days. Slight Transparent

                                            effect. If you require these in pure white. Then we can add a plastic sheet to the bottom of keys

                                            to provide this. PLEASE MENTION THIS IN THE SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS BOX.

Plain White Plastic:               This is used for the lower quality single reed harmoniums. This can be selected if the

                                            overall Harmonium has been selected in the lowest configuration to cut the production cost.

                                             (Not recommended for high end Harmonium models.)