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Harmonium Model:DMS-7 Special: 7 stops, 3 extra notes,

Harmonium Model:DMS-7 Special: 7 stops, 3 extra notes,

3.1/4 Octaves, Double bellows, Bass-Male reeds, Sliding Jali or Glass frame, Fine Quality, DMS Special Reeds.


*Coupler is a standard feature in all our Harmoniums. Please mention if not required.


Harmonium learning DVD- Vol 1 to 3

Harmonium learning DVD- Vol 1 to 3



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As the demand for Harmoniums and other Indian musical instruments increases worldwide, many well established trademark names in the industry, have become focused only on quantity and have lost sight of value. What counts to our customers is the quality of the instrument, not the "Famous Label" of the maker. At DMS, we endeavor to make quality instruments, with special attention to finishing, air-tight fittings, tuning and keyboard action. While other companies may wish to make unjustified claims about their competitors in order to make themselves appear in some way superior - we feel no need to respond. The quality of our instruments speaks for itself. Mass-assembly production-line techniques are not used in our workshop. The results of time-honored techniques of old-world craftsmanship are evident in the end results. Our models may look similar to some in apprearence, but definitely are better in quality than others. Though dedicated to our basic line of instruments - we are continually involved in research and development of innovative new designs to improve sound quality and playability - rather than mere superficial changes to appearance. Manufacturing and delivering DMS products to dealers and customers may take time, but the quality of the end product is assured. Our harmoniums are reasonably priced in a range suitable for a variety of players, utilizing "sweet tone" and tuned to A-440. For the customer looking for a unique harmonium not included in our extensive inventory please visit our Design Your Own Harmonium section and tell us your specifications. We will be happy to make this instrument just for you.

Harmonium Note - C -(A440) Windows Media Player    /   Harmonium Note - C (A-440) Real Player


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Pedal Harmonium

Video Demo

Performed by Inni Singh



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Model Specifications are Subject to change without any prior notice.

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