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Dear Inni
I am very, very happy with the Harmonium.  It over exceeded my expectation. Having never played one;  just having seen
pictures of Harmonium, and of course, the Internet. Oh yeah,  Thanks for the Instructional manual that came along with the Harmonium!!! It was prepared with extra care,  for its transit route from New Delhi to the United States.  And the wooden crate will come in handy for extra's that are laying around the house.  The tote bag will come in handy and is a nice way to store the Harmonium. I just really appreciate the overall tone and playability of the Harmonium. It is real user friendly and about effortless to wind the bellows.  I'm very proud to own and be able to play the Harmonium for Friends and Relatives. Thank you ever so much Inni.....
Bernard J.Grigsby
(Model Purchased: DMS-45)


Dear Sir,
The parcel finally arrived on tuesday morning.
Everything is fine.
Thank you very much for this nice instrument
Philippe Nadal



Hi Inni,

I like to thank you for your efforts to finally get me my dream harmoniums. Out of the 14 or so harmoniums I have got from you in the last 2.5 years, these two DMS Harmoniums - Model 13/4 are by far the best I have seen. As an artist, I have used many high-end and brand name harmoniums, and nothing has impressed me more. I am very pleased with your professional service, reasonable prices, and sincerity. By the way, the 4 tablas I got from you last week are just unbelievable. Did you change your maker? And the sitar you shipped for my ustad is truly one of a kind. You have certainly raised the bar for any of your competitors to stay in business. I will certainly continue doing business with you. Your sincerity and willingness to get me the best instruments is most definitely appreciated. You certainly have gone beyond your duty a number of times to keep me happy as your customer. I wish you the best of luck. By the way, thank you again for inviting me and my wife to dinner when we visited India.
OK, now that this is done. I need the picture of the harmonium you have in stock. Please provide me the details including shipping charges for both the harmonium and the tabla pair. I will wire you the money this time, so you don't have to wait 3 weeks for the check to clear. I also want this name on the valve plate: RESHAD.


Models Purchased: DMS-13/4/RG Special.



(Other Company Names have been removed as courtesy.)


I received my bayan today, finally! I just wanted to let you know that it is
the best bayan I have ever seen or could find!! The size, weight, and
workmanship of this bayan are amazing! The sound is a little dull, but I
guess I need to break it in to get that deep bass sound. Overall, I am very
happy with this purchase. I will definitely recommend DMS to my friends!


Bayan Model: DMS-T10

Inni, please read the response of my friend below for whom you made that
special tabla set. I think you will like it.


Manpreet Bedi


   I am completely and totally at a loss for words.......I think that
pretty much sums up how overjoyed I am with my new tabla........ENDLESS

Dear Mr. Inni Singh, 

I received the pro-dilruba from your store today 5-10-04. 
It is a very wonderful instrument, I need to set it up as 
I expected, but it arrived in fine condition and is exactly as described. 

I thank you for all your efforts I hope to purchase another instrument 
if not sooner, then next year, around April. 

Please feel free to use this e-mail as an endorsement of your fine products. 

Again, thanks 
Best Regards, 
Craig A. Jordan


Dear Inni

Recently your harmonium was guest of honour at a concert we had recently.

I thought that you should know that it was highly praised and some considered it the finest that they had heard.

This is a good tribute to you and your staff.

I hope that perhaps one day I will buy another harmonium from you the next model up.

Thank you



Hi Inni,

This time the tabla quality is totally outstanding. Both Dugga and Dayan.
There is no buzzing in the dayan (I am really happy about that) and dugga
is marvelous.

Let me know about if you would be able to make a FTC3 (special order
probably) to accommodate this oversized dugga. If you can then it will be
great and may be you can ship that also along with my shruti box.

Manpreet Bedi (USA)
Hello Inni,

The tabla arrived safely today.
They are splendid and I know that they will be much appreciated and well played.

Many thanks for your efficient and professional service and great product. Please pass on my appreciation to your staff.

Dear Inni Singh,
Received Harmonium. Many Many Thanks.  Mr. Louis Huivenaar is very impressed with the quality of the harmonium, please accept his compliments.
I would like to know the difference between DMS-13/4/R Professional Concert Quality Model and
DMS-13/4/RG Special. Which one is soft, sweet and melodious.
Awaiting your reply.
Mohammad Munaf Alberts
The Netherlands
Dear Inni,

The taus arrived today in good shape with only a small scratch here and
there as I expected after the long journey.  The sound quality is really
quite good for the grade of instrument it is and overall it far exceeded my

Just wanted to let you know it arrived safely, timely, and that I am more
than pleased.  Thank you so very much for all your help and cooperation.
For me, at any rate, it was well worth the effort and your devotion to the
task very much appreciated.

With warmest wishes,

Michael (USA)
Hi Inni,

Hope all is well. I hope that you got my previous e-mail. Thanks again for
the tabla. It sounds WONDERFUL !!!!!

I went to California to learn under Pt.****** *********. He is such a down
to earth person. It is unbelievable. I played the big Dugga. He smiled and
asked me from where did I get that. I told him all about it and information
about your shop etc. He liked the sound of the dugga a lot. I am glad that
I am learning under ****** **.

I am coming to India next year sometime in mid Feb or early March. I am
looking forward to meet you as well. Another thing, I need to know how much
do I owe you this pair. Let me know please.  Thanks.
Best Regards,
Manpreet Bedi
Dear Inni,
I am sorry for not replying to you earlier. The instruments were received in good order.
Both instruments are exactly as I wanted them to be for which I am very grateful to you.
I have passed on your details to my friends and I sincerely hope that they will place many orders with you.
Thanks again
Nilesh (UK)


Dear Mr Singh,

Very belated thanks for the wonderful harmonium you made for me, and please
feel free to publish my praise on your web site.

With thanks,

Simon Nieminski.UK
Dear Inni,

Yes, the dilruba arrived safe and sound.  As with the taus, I am very pleased and, once again, thank you for your kind help and assistance.  You run a very professional operation and the service is both most accommodating and friendly.  The instruments I have purchased from you have all been very much to my satisfaction.  Thank you once again.

Most sincerely,

Hi Inni

You may remember that early last year you kindly sent me a pair of Tabla
(after a certain amount of trouble with my bank sending the money to the
wrong bank in India!).

I'm glad to say that the Tabla are really excellent and have received great
praise from my Indian friends who love the tone and the quality.  At the
time, I believe that my tabla were made by a Professional tabla maker whose
name I have sadly not been able to remember.  Please do you have any
information on the maker so that I can put a note in with my tabla for

I always mention that I bought them from Delhi Musical Instruments and I
believe a number of friends whose family live in Delhi were intending on
paying you a call when they returned to India on holiday/business.  I hope
that you have benefitted from these calls and I will certainly continue to
'sell' DMS to anyone who asks.  I run a website for drummers and
percussionists, and would like, with your
permission to link to your DMS site under 'Percussion Manufacturers'.
Would this be okay?  Please feel free to visit my site.

Many thanks for your time and I wish you continued success with your

Best wishes


Stuart Wood.UK

Namashkar Inni ji,
How r u now?

i got the instruments yesterday, thanks a lot  for very good quality again.

Wish U a very very HAPPY DIWALI

Thanks & regards.



Dear Inni,

I received the harmonium yesterday. It transported without harm. It’s lovely. Sweet tone. I now have work to do to learn it well.

Thank you,

Vanamali (USA)


Dear Mr Singh,

                  I have recieved my package.I'm very much satisfied with what i saw.Everyting is up to standard .My instruments are sounding as though they came directly from heaven. Mr Singh , it was nice doing business with you, and i look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Special Thanks to you sir.

                                                                                                             NG. Trinidad.


Dear Mr. Inni,

I received my tabla yesterday! It arrived in good condition.

It has an excelent sound and great looks (dms-t9). JJJ

I’m very happy because it is in finest quality, which about you are writing on your web-site.


Thank you for all and I will recommend DMS instruments to my friends.


Yours sincerely

Stefan from Slovakia


Good morning,

this e-mail just to tell you my satisfaction on your harmonium: very good
harmonium, very good
sound, I like it very much!!!!!!

Thank you!!!!

Eugenio Mascarello



Hello Inni,

I received the Taus today, it is in excellent condition.  Please give my compliments to your craftsmen.

They have done a superb job.

Thank you for the opportunity to own not only a fine instrument but a piece of handcrafted artwork.




PS feel free to put this on your website as a satisfied customer comment.


Dear Mr. Inni Singh,
                         At last the dilruba has reached me. There was a long, long delay in Nairobi custom.  But it was worth waiting every minute for it. Its a beautiful piece of instrument. I am glad I came to you to buy it. Now we all in our small circle know where to do shopping for our istruments. 
                         I will contact you about sarangi. Meanwhile once again congratulting you for superb quality of instrument you have supplied to me.
                         With kindest regards.
 M G Visram


Dear Inni,


I hope to find you and family in great health.

I took delivery of the DMS 9/3 SC-Portable Harmonium.  Your craftsmanship is nothing short of marvelous.  The DMS 9/3 is a piece of art.

Thank you very much for shipping it in such a safe manner.





Dear Inni- 

I received the Mohan Vina today, in good condition-Thank You!! It looks and sounds very beautiful. Is C# the proper key? Please send a current price list so I can order more. “ A bad instrument shipped quickly is a big disappointment, a great instrument sent after a wait is a lifetime of satisfaction” Thanks Again- 




Hello Inni, 
I want to thank for having correspondent this wonderful Harmonium 13/04 RG, it arrived in perfect state and without any scratch. It was sent on October 18 and it arrived in Brazil November 1 , it was a very fast delivery. 
This instrument is a work of art! 
I bought other instruments in his store of Delhi and all are of great finish and with an unequaled emblem. The instruments of his production are without doubts the best of India. 
Thank you, and with certainty we will make more businesses! 
Mário Marcos  
Belo Horizonte - Brazil

Dear Inni,

to let you know we received the 2 harmoniums yesterday.
Thank you for the care, attention and great service in creating and shipping these instruments.
I have unpacked one of the two harmoniums. It arrived in good shape - well packed.
It is a joy to sit in front such a nicely crafted instrument. I am happy to have chosen DMS.
I await my friend to pick up her harmonium soon.

Thank you again.



Hello Mr. Inni

I received the harmonium the other day it really great thank you for making such an exquisite harmonium really it is one of the best I have ever played before. It is really a work of art with a sound that is really out of this world. I can really see that the makers of your harmoniums really take there time in doing there job so grate. Also the added auto push system is really grate too since I do travel a lot. I can truly say that I won’t play or buy another harmonium unless it is made by DMS. Well again thanks for the grate harmonium and I hope to buy from you again in the future.




Sat Sri Akal Inni,

My father has just arrived back in the UK and i have opened and played the tabla sets.  I cannot overstate how happy i am with the tabla.  The sound quality is beautiful.  The tablas look fantastic and play even better.  The accessories are very tasteful and the way you packaged the tabla was excellent.  I am over the moon as we say in England.

My utmost respect to you Inni and your team for the care in which you took over my tabla order.  I will be buying from you in the future and recommending you to everyone that travels to India and praising you on tabla forums.

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Utmost Respect and regards


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